There is a beautiful quote on simplicity which goes like this “It’s simple to be happy but difficult to be simple”

I was born on 2nd of February in a tiny and beautiful village of Khotang District called Barre, Nepal. I have been a crazy fan of football since my early childhood. I used to play football throughout the day even without going to school despite bitterly beaten by my mom several times. Though I don’t play football these days, my craze towards the balls has never been faded, though the size of the ball might have been changed. No dirty mind please, I love cricket these days! When I was in grade 5, we migrated from Khotang to Ithari where I passed my SLC with flying colours and joined diploma in engineering at IOE Dharan Campus. My favourite subject has been mathematics and English used to be the hardest for me until I joined engineering. Later on, Physics, Computer Programming, Mathematics, Drawing were so tough that makes me realize that English is an easier one.

Everybody has a dream and so I do. I had a dream to write two simple letters “ER” in front of my name. Yes, Engineer Keshab Pradhan. After several sleepless nights of hard-working, I finally got admission for BE in Computers Engineering in one of the reputed government Campus of IOE, Eastern Region Campus Dharan. That was one of the happiest days of my life. Another happiest day was when I passed out my BE in computer engineering. It was a dream come true for me. Talking about my love life, I am a very romantic person by heart, though I may not look like. Please don’t judge the book by its cover. I got married and as of now, I am a happily married person. It was a love marriage. My better half is a medical person. My work is my passion. I have been working as a Full-stack Developer as a freelancer.

It’s a bit crazy for my taste, but it’s interesting, A web developer may face unexpected challenges, including short turnaround times and overly-ambitious clients. Gaining a clear understanding of what a candidate feels and what the problem exactly for him/her then only go to the best possible solutions, this type of situation will help me understand their priorities and thought processes. it’s my style of working to get success.